The easiest way to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI) for yourself, your friends, or your patients.

Our second application is a new spin on a boring calculation. We prefer a simple, visual approach over breaking out the calculator for all the arithmetic in a typical BMI calculation. We also hate (sorry, but it’s true) all the simple-minded BMI calculators in the app store, where you enter in a bunch of numbers, then see your result after pressing a button. We want to see results all the time!

BMIzr gives a continuous result as you set weight and height. Use the sliders to set them, or directly manipulate the avatar. See current BMI, and then use the sliders to see how much to lose or gain to reach an ideal value.

Also, because we don’t like remembering how many pounds are in a kilogram, or how many feet in a meter, BMIzr’s scales show all units at all times. Enter height in feet and weight in kilos, or whatever: you still get your BMI.

UI: Left-handed

Compare the old way and the BMIzr way.

With calculator in hand:

  1. Convert height to meters
  2. Convert weight to kilograms
  3. Divide the height (1) by the weight (2)
  4. Repeat step 3

With BMIzr:

  1. Drag a finger* across the screen

* — Or a thumb!

BMIzr is designed for health professionals doing patient notation: operate it with one hand, while writing with the other. Choose a left-handed or right-handed layout, and race through your patient list at the end of the day!

But even non-professionals get something out of it. With its continuous display, BMIzr shows your current BMI as well as what it would be if you lost/gained a few. Just slide the weight scale higher or lower to evaluate yourself at present, or set goals for the future.

BMIzr’s stylish look and feel is right at home on your iPhone. This is an application you’ll enjoy sharing as much as using.