“Like Facebook for Wikipedia!” — actual user

What it does

Wiks was made to get you from what you know to what you need, without forcing you to read every word in between. Clicking through links in Wikipedia is like following a knotted rope. Wiks filters out all the regular text by extracting only the links between topics. This lets you jump from knot to knot, from topic to topic, without all the reading.

Rather than spend time reading entire articles to find what you’re looking for, enter a search term and tap a result to begin tracing a path to the information you need. Every time you tap a topic word in the list, it becomes the new “root word” that generates its own list of related topics.

When you reach an interesting topic word, tap the Wikipedia icon to view its full article. (You can also tap the word in the title bar to see its Wikipedia page.)

How it works

Wiks uses principles of graph theory to let you trace along the structure of information in Wikipedia, rather than get bogged down in content you’re not interested in. Each page’s title is a “node” or “vertex” on the graph. There may be many paths between where you are and where you need to be. With clever searching and filtering, you can find your information faster than simply browsing Wikipedia.

How to get it

Wiks is available in the iTunes App Store. (iTunes store link)